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Updated March 2006   

Hey That's Not A Land Cruiser...Part 2

I can be a little impulsive at times. I hadn't been working at my job for very long, maybe a year or so when I happened upon a really nice 1994 4Runner at the lot next door. It was a silver SR5 model and was just screaming my name. I would drive past it on my way to and from work. After about a week, I figured I would stop and see what they wanted for it. By the end of the night I had it being held for me.

It didn't take long before I had my eyes set on a whole new sound system for the truck. I have always been a stereo nut and now I had access to ordering equipment direct from the manufacturers. I put in new component speakers, created custom sub boxes and did a stealth installation of my amplifiers, crossovers and wiring distribution blocks. The system sounded good and the truck looked good too. It was definitely more sophisticated than my previous 4Runner.

I found myself a 1999 "Highlander Edition" SR5 4Runner a couple years ago and the impulse struck again. (No, it's not the same as the new Toyota highlander, it was the predecessor to the 4Runner Sport) I brought it home for a test drive and ended up keeping it. I eventually sold my silver 1994 to Tony who still drives it. I have put the most time and effort into my 1999 4Runner with the installation od a suspension lift consisting of front Sway-A-Way Coilovers and rear Downey Coils and Bilstein Shocks. I also upped the antsy and increased my tire size to 285/75R16 Bridgestone Dueler REVOs. It really gives the truck a beefy look. I couldn't leave well enough alone and of course I went all out and put in a completely new sound system. I have more details in a site devoted to this truck. Check it out here.


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