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Updated March 2006   

1978 FJ40
Restification Project

My current progress on the frame-up build up of this truck.

What is Restification?
A new term used to describe the process of restoring and modifying a vehicle, not necessarily to the original manufacturers specifications. I want to have a vehicle that performs up to MY intentions while remaining somewhat stock in appearance.

My Land Cruiser Photo Galleries!

1969 FJ40
My First Cruiser, these are photos after a series of modificaions including lift, tires, interior and mechanical changes.

1971 FJ40
These were the initial homecoming photos. I have since sold this cruiser but it is currently undergoing a partial restoration by it's new owner, Shawn S.

1978 FJ40
My Restification Project and new obsession. Gee, Thanks A Lot Chris! ;)

1979 FJ40
The photos don't do justice to the actual condition of this rig. It has since been deemed "Just for parts".

1969 FJ40 Monster
This rig is a conglomeration of various pieces and parts. I haven't done much to this to make it mine...yet!


My 4Runner Photos!

1986 4Runner
My First Toyota Truck. The beginning of the obsession. I sold it after 225K miles. I still ran great. I miss the removable top.

1994 4Runner
My Second Toyota. I put a nice stealth sound system in this one. I sold it to a buddy and I still see it every day.

1999 4Runner
My Current Daily Driver. I have lightly modified this one with a Sway-A-Way Coilover front suspension, Downey Coils and Bilsteins in back and oversized Bridgestone Dueler Revos.

LC Maxx

Latest Photos

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